Aquastar 80


Are your thoughts in line with the following: - We have enjoyed weekends and annual holiday boating but the time has come to really enjoy ourselves and extended cruising is now our dream. The time has come to turn the dream into reality. We shall require an exceptional well found craft with a tough pedigree built by mariners who know how to satisfy professionals, she will have “pace and grace".

She will require 2000+ gallon fuel tanks for long range without refuelling, she will require a walk-in engine room, she will have bow and stern thruster, good water capacity and fitted water-maker, she will be fitted out to the best joiners' art in modern boat building. She will have a galley and laundry room you would be proud of at home. She will have comfortable guest cabins when your friends join you, indeed she will be your sea borne home. Now such a craft is available, built by Aqua-Star in the Channel Islands for yachtsmen with exploration and adventure in mind.

The Aqua-Star 80' is designed to cruise the oceans of the world, for exploring Scandanavia, the Greek Islands, the great lakes of the Americas and the Caribbean. The Aqua-Star 80' will do it in style and comfort.

The design feature of the hull is a keel below the propeller so when exploring new cruiser grounds one has a built in safety feature. The keel also helps on directional stability, the transom detail has been designed to give considerable fuel saving over other hulls on the market and is a reason for many professionals successfully choosing the Aqua-Star hull form.

The attention to detail sets the Aqua-Star 80' above the rest. An insulated hull and deck, with standard equipment including; twin bow winches, anchors, a stern built in passarelle, a dinghy lift crane to store the dinghy clear of the stern platform, bow and stern thrusters, stern aft quality built in fairlead rollers. Unsurpassed build quality and a seductive line with such grace and pace one cannot help but feel anything less than an Aqua-Star 80' would not fulfil one's expectations.