Aquastar 57/60


Distinguished by her upright day saloon window line giving an elegance normally reserved for superyachts twice her length, giving a clean contemporary line admired by all who first saw the Aqua-Star 70’ the winner of the ‘British Nautical Awards’ for best design.  The new Aquastar 57/60' combination of the Aquastar non slamming hull with long range capability in comfort and “Design Unlimited” design and innovative layout with many ingenious features are put into the little ship look.  So attractive in this new 57/60' craft, unmistakable once on board from the large aft deck, suitable for free-standing furniture and alfresco dining to her palatial interior with her one level saloon unrivalled amongst her contemporaries.  The advantage of the aft sun doors layout is that it opens up the panoramic view through the aft deck area.  A three cabin forward layout is allowed for, plus optional crew cabin aft.  Superior hand crafted from bow to stern this new model to the range sits well between the Aquastar 48’, 65’ and flagship 84’.  The new 57/60' with a beam of 17’ is providing more usable area than most other craft of the same length.  With the owners full width master cabin one has the feeling of a much larger craft.


Are your thoughts in line with the following: - We have enjoyed weekends and annual holiday boating but the time has come to really enjoy ourselves and extended cruising is now our dream.  The time has come to turn the dream into reality.  We shall require an exceptional well found craft with a tough pedigree built by mariners who know how to satisfy professionals, she will have ‘pace and grace’ without the need for daily refuelling like a planing hull.


She will require 1000 + 200 gallon reserve fuel tanks for long range without refuelling, she will require a walk-in engine room, she will have a bow thrusters, good water capacity, she will be fitted out to the best joiners’ art in modern boat building.  She will have a galley and laundry room you would be proud of at home.  She will have comfortable guest cabins when your friends join you, indeed she will be your sea born home.  Now such a craft is available, built by Aquastar in the Channel Islands for yachtsmen with exploration and adventure in mind.


The Aquastar 57/60' Azure is designed to cruise the oceans of the world, for exploring Scandinavia, the Greek Islands, the great lakes of the Americas and the Caribbean.  The Aquastar 57/60' Azure will do it in style and comfort.


The design feature of the hull is a keel below the propeller so when exploring new cruiser grounds on has a built in safety feature.  The keel also helps on directional stability, the transom detail has been designed to give considerable fuel saving over other hulls on the market and is a reason for many professionals successfully choosing the Aquastar hull form.


The attention to detail sets the Aquastar 57/60' above the rest starting from the half scale model.  The model was first produced to evaluate and test the outstanding concept, then we set our attention to all aspects of the design and construction.  An insulated hull and deck, with standard equipment including; built in passerelle and dinghy lift crane to store the dinghy clear on the stern platform, bow thrusters, stern aft quality built in fairlead rollers.  Unsurpassed build quality and a seductive line with such grace and pace one cannot help but feel anything less than an Aquastar 57/60' Azure would not fulfil one’s expectations with the impressive skylounge saloon seating, spacious Flybridge, a galley that is a chef’s dream and more features than this brief can portray.


45 years of experience in well built GRP craft, the Aquastar Guernsey boatyard with continuous dedicated management and a past background as diverse as building the UK’s largest GRP trawlers with 25 ton wet fish/hold tanks in the 1970’s, to 81’ maxi yachts with 20 ton keels and 50 ton displacement which plough the oceans of the world in the 1980’s developing strong engineering knowledge.  Second nature to us is dividing the craft up into five watertight bulkheads, engine room with watertight doors, proper bilge pumping arrangement and extra strong hulls.  Working with interior designers like Mark Tucker the yard is capable of crafting the best tradition style interiors as the most modern.  The know-how acquired in the field above has been transferred to today’s Aquastars 57/60' cruisers.


With the latest CAD drawings turned into a photo like view of the interior,  customisation now comes with a “as built look” proposal before wood is cut.  To give the owner great flexibility, changing the detail and colour schemes.  Ask the boatyard for more details of this 21st Century service.


The passion for building prestigious motor yachts with elegance for enjoyment and freedom.  A sea going lifestyle unequalled in today’s mass produced world built by people who understand the sea, winning accolades for best quality fit out and good design.  Current British Nautical Awards ‘Best Motor Yacht of the Year’ builder.


The fit out is well designed and engineered with a walk in engine room so the floor of the saloon does not have to be taken up to do engine checks.  There is a small work bench with fitted vice and place for engine spares and oils, etc., for orderly stowage, also laundry room, with the hydraulic bow and stern thrusters option one can set the thrusters to keep the craft alongside the quay while the owner moors up.


Years of experience has produced what is perhaps the most fully equipped, owner operable motor yacht on the market today, expertly crafted, efficiently functional, stunningly beautiful and operable by two people.  The Aquastar 57/60' exudes splendour unrivalled amongst her contemporaries.


The main dimensions of this craft with the ability to enjoy the above are:-


  1.                                       L.O.A:                     57/60'

                                      Beam:                       17'

                                      Draft:                       5'4"

                                      Fuel:                         1,200 Gallons

                                      Water:                      200 Gallons

                                      Bow:                        Thruster

                                      Engines:                   Twin 480hp (other options available)


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