Aquastar 56-60

At last there is a great looking alternative to the look-alike 60’ cruisers.  The new Aqua-Star 60'  harmony in style and quality combined with a unique pedigree hull, happy whether at trolling speed of 5 knots or across the speed range up to 38 knots depending on power units chosen.


The Aqua-Star  60'  is fully customised and the leader in offering a choice of drive trains.  The proven twin water jets are great for reliability, shallow draft and no snagging, or twin shaft drive option or the triple installation I.P.S with built in flexibility with the 3 sets of contra rotating propellers.  Use one engine or all three.


As the new 21st Century gathered pace the pilots looked for a refinement in hull designs from the old breed of pilot boats.  The requirements of seaworthiness plus speed and a dry ride led them to the door of the Aqua-Star designer team.  The new hull developed over many thousands of sea hours is the basis for the Aqua-Star 60'.

Aquastar classic aft cockpit cruisers range from 34' - 38' - 46' - 56/60' and 72' custom built to owners requirements.