Aquastar 56-60 Specifications

NEW FOR 2014 




At last there is a great looking alternative to the look-alike 60’ cruisers.  The new Aqua-Star 60'  harmony in style and quality combined with a unique pedigree hull, happy whether at trolling speed of 5 knots or across the speed range up to 38 knots depending on power units chosen.


The Aqua-Star  60'  is fully customised and the leader in offering a choice of drive trains.  The proven twin water jets are great for reliability, shallow draft and no snagging, or twin shaft drive option or the triple installation I.P.S with built in flexibility with the 3 sets of contra rotating propellers.  Use one engine or all three.


As the new 21st Century gathered pace the pilots looked for a refinement in hull designs from the old breed of pilot boats.  The requirements of seaworthiness plus speed and a dry ride led them to the door of the Aqua-Star designer team.  The new hull developed over many thousands of sea hours is the basis for the Aqua-Star 60'.


The Aqua-Star, 60' will look after you whether cruising the Channel or the Mistrals of the Mediterranean.


Two deck configurations are offered


The 60'Aft cockpit day saloon

The 60' Aft cockpit day saloon and flybridge




The new  model Aqua-Star 60’ Motor Yacht, to compliment this outstanding hull we have enlisted the design team of Ken Freivokh to create something special with the exterior styling, plus using his expertise on the accommodation to give the fit out the ambiance and style that won the Aqua-Star 74’ the accolade of “Motor Boat of the Year”.


The 60’ hull is based on some of the most successful Pilot and Patrol launches in operation today.  5 Motor Yachts having already been completed on this hull with water jets, with outstanding success and a benchmark in this drive form, (alternative shaft-drive versions are also available.) 


Excellent Manoeuvrability & Sea-Keeping

Provided by our proven hull form, complimented by water jets.  This combination allows total control at all speeds, even when the boat is stationary it responds exactly to the helm commands.  This results in a craft that is easy to manoeuvre around confined marina spaces or equally at ease steaming in gale force conditions.  Even running on one engine the craft retains is excellent manoeuvrability and sea-keeping in all conditions.


Ease of Maintenance

All items of machinery are located for ease of maintenance.  The engine room has good headroom and a removable overhead panel for engine removal.  A vessel that is easily maintained will be better maintained, ensuring a safer vessel.



Reduced Sound Levels

Water jets remove propeller noise.  This, along with the location of the engine room with its heavy sound insulation keeps noise levels to a minimum.  Sound is further reduced by insulating all hull panels and the use of underwater exhausts.



Safe access

Access points to the craft from the marina height aft platform to the aft cockpit.  Wide side decks provide safe access round the vessels, the cockpit area has 1m high guard rails all round.  Grab rails are positioned throughout the vessel.


Low Air & Sea Draft

A sea draft of .7m and air draft of 3.5m means rivers and canals can be safely navigated or the vessel safely backed up a beach.  The risk of stern gear damage, propeller damage to swimmers, propeller damage from rocks and debris is completely removed, as there are no propellers or other underwater appendages, on the jet drive version.



The craft has been built with the latest technology developed for pilot launches that have to survive the most rigorous of duty cycles.  Many of our pilot vessels work over 4,000 hours per year.  In-built damage survivability means if any compartment is flooded, the boat remains afloat, safe and stable and if engines are running it will safely make port under its own power.  The engine room is commercially fire rated with additional protection of alarms and extinguishers.  All small safety items are provided as standard, such as commercially rated fire extinguishers, lifejackets, life raft, nav aids, etc.  The hull is protected by two sets of fenders, one at marina height and a keel band so the launch can easily take the ground.


Relaxing Environment

From the large social aft platform with barbecue, fridge and wet bar with the option of the full awning, to the luxurious high quality interior, all beautifully appointed with the best quality woods and fabrics.  Air conditioned throughout, all areas are spacious enough to allow comfortable, uncramped use.  The practicalities of living on board have not been forgotten with coat lockers, drying room and plenty of stowage.


Quality, Sensibility

The whole concept of the vessel is one designed for use.  Either for ocean cruising to gentle trips up canals or rivers.  The design is practical, timeless, easily maintained, durable, not just a latest impractical fashion statement which ends up outdated and costly to maintain.  These concepts, along with the excellent sea-keeping will all help maintain the residual value of the craft.



The main dimensions of this craft with the ability to enjoy the above are:-


Length:                 18.3m  60’ with hydraulic platform, 17m -56' fixed platform

  1. Beam:                             4.9m    16’

Draft:                    .76m     2’ 6”

Engine:                 2 x 660hp 3196 Caterpillar

Water Jets:            2 x 321 Hamilton Water Jets


Enjoy the pleasure of seeing your new Motor Yacht take shape at the Aqua-Star yard. 




“…It looks like being a spectacular rough-weather boat”  Motor Boat & Yachting


“Now here’s a very interesting development.  Coupling jet-drives to big diesels is normally the preserve of military or commercial boat operators.  So it takes a lot of nerve to couple a pair of 700hp Cats to the Hamilton waterjets and fit them in an 18m patrol boat hull.”


“They provide unmatched manoeuvrability –once you have experienced a jet-drive boat, nothing else comes close.  And two of the boat owner’s greatest fears evaporate:  running aground and ripping off your sterngear, and inadvertently macerating your friends swimming around the boat.  With only 700mm below the water, there’s a whole new world of shallow water and waterway cruising to be discovered”



“The launch is one of the finest, if not THE finest pilot launch currently in the world.  Our particular operation demands much from a launch in structural strength, reliability, low maintenance and manoeuvrability. I believe it achieves the highest scores in all these area.”